Cycling Testing has Gone Virtual

We are excited to announce that with INSCYD, we are now able to test our cyclists virtually using the Power Performance Decoder! Races have been cancelled and rescheduled, but we know training has not.

What is needed? Your bike, power-meter and your bike computer!! This can be done inside! We know athletes are using Zwift for training and virtual races, and with the help of Zwift coaching, INSCYD has allowed us to help coaches, and individuals without coaches, tailor training sessions specifically for their athletes and themselves from a distance!

INSCYD has been working hard to allow us to give individuals an opportunity to Combine Physiological Parameters like Lactate and VO2Max with Pure Performance Parameters like Maximum Power via Power Meter!

Again, why is it important to know your Physiolgoical Parameters?

Here is a quote from INSCYD and Zwift Coach Kevin Poulton from :

“When you give them (athlete) an interval you know how much lactate they’re going to accumulate and you know how long it is going to take them to recover” in terms of how fast they will clear the lactate, he says. “Even more, with INSCYD you also know the best fuel source for the athletes, how much energy they’re using and so on. INSCYD answers all those questions. And when you prescribe a specific training, athletes have much more confidence in what they are completing because they know it comes from accurate testing and accurate data.”

You can perform all tests on the same day within the same session. However, if it is more convenient, you can space them out over three consecutive days, but not more. We will give you specifics on how to conduct the test. We will advise on how to break up the intervals. Make sure your powermeter is calibrated and your cycling computer is charged and has sufficient memory capacity remaining. Set to record data every second (no smart recording!). Make a zero offset calibration before each test if required, and ensure you record your heart rate (if you have a heart rate monitor).

Then…….you ride!

Don’t forget:

‘Although the trend is leaning towards a widespread use of tech and digitalization for training and performance assessment purposes, INSCYD would also allow you to test your athletes in a lab, or – alternatively – where it most matters: outdoors’ – Nicola Busca, INSCYD Blog Post

Contact us for more info, and how to get yourself testing in your own home!

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