Economy // Decrypting the Speed Hack

Many of us athletes have heard of economy. Running economy, cycling economy, swimming economy… the word is used across all disciplines. But very few actually understand it, forget about measuring it.

So, what really is economy?

  • Economy relates to the conversion of energy into speed or power (depending on what you measure).

  • Understanding economy means understanding how much energy is needed to move at a certain speed or produce a certain power.

  • The amount of energy available is a matter of physical ability, but how fast an athlete moves with that energy is a whole different story.

Decrypt the key to go fast

  • Economy is the single most important parameter in free motion sports such as running and swimming. Obtaining insight on you economy will become a competitive advantage.

  • Assess the impact of a prescribed training regime on changes in economy.

  • Monitor economy on a regular basis and tune it to your training programs.

  • The software we use to evaluate your is a high-precision tool that allows you to capture the effect of different equipment such as running shoes or wetsuits and their energy cost at various speeds.

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