Ways to Increase Your FAT COMBUSTION!

We have learned what our FatMax Zone is, and why it is important to find this, and train with it. If you're unsure, FIND IT HERE . We can find this zone in Wattage, HR and Pace with our TESTING (remote and in-person)

A goal in your training might be to increase your fat combustion, be less dependent on precious carbohydrates and sustain a higher exercise intensity for a longer amount of time.

So, here are 3 tips to INCREASE FAT COMBUSTION from data you'll get with our testing!!

1. FINE TUNE RECOVERY during efforts, and AVOID Lactate Accumulation

We all know during interval/tempo training, lactic acid will be accumulated and produced during the high intensity efforts. Now, during the resting phase, this is where intensity would be when fat would usually be combusted. With this being said, since the individual is doing interval training and intensity is high, this means fat combustion is low. The preferred fuel for muscles, in this case, is the accumulated lactate.

Now, when prescribing high intensity intervals, during the rest period, we would not have an athlete recover without moving at all between efforts. We NEED the athlete to spend time in the low intensity phases so the body can combust the lactate and have a quicker recovery.

The same is true during training intended for “fat burning”. Any time lactate is accumulating during the exercise, fat will be pushed out of the aerobic metabolism. Until muscular lactate levels decrease again, fat combustion will stay lower.

So, it is VITAL that during training, an athlete is not prescribed high intensity bouts of exercise (which will accumulate greater levels of lactate) when the goal is to be in FatMax Zone.


Yes, it's true, you can work to master having a low carbohydrate diet, and train in low carbohydrate state. This has become more and more popular in endurance sports.

One of the many metrics you'll receive from our testing will be caloric expenditure per hour based on wattage, pace and heart rate. We then break this down further to specific grams of fat vs grams of carbohydrates at each intensity. Find that HERE.

As researched, and stated by INSCYD, "this idea is based on findings that a state of low carbohydrate availability can increase adaptation to training in terms of mitochondrial biogenesis."

Now, keep in mind, this can be altered either way. For the main purpose though, a lowered carbohydrate intake due to an altered diet can decrease the capacity of carbohydrate metabolism. This will cause, fat combustion to be elevated resulting in not just an immediate elevation in the percentage of fat combustion, but also an increase in the capacity of the enzymes involved in fat combustion. This can lead to a prolonging of the higher capacity to combust fat.


AS AN ALERT!!! IF the athlete is focusing on a lowered carbohydrate intake, it is crucial to minimize high intensity workouts in which carbohydrate combustion is high. This is because, during high such efforts, the body needs to use carbohydrates as fuel.

So, you can see how specific training adjustments and zones can be created to fine tune the exact goal.

3. The Grandfather of Metrics - Increase your VO2 Max!!

A higher VO2max will lead to better fat combustion. This metric is ALSO found within our Testing Protocol.

This is due to many reasons! In science terms, it creates more mitochondria, improved blood flow due to higher capillary density, and a shift from high glycolytic muscle fiber types to “endurance” types (slow twitch fibers).

Simply, All of this means a better aerobic metabolism, which then pushes back the involvement of the glycolytic (anaerobic) metabolism. This results in an improved ability to burn fat.

As combusting fat requires more oxygen for the same energy spend compared to combusting carbohydrates, an increase in VO2max will always result in an improved capacity for burning fat. This is true whether accomplished with many hours of low intensity training, or with very hard interval workouts.

ALL of these data points can be found through our testing, and personalized for YOU and YOUR ATHLETE.

We can nail down caloric expenditure, VO2 Max AND FatMax Combustion. All with ONE SIMPLE TEST, done almost ANYWHERE.

Reach out for more info! If you're looking for the RUNNING test, its HERE. If you're looking for the CYCLING test, it's HERE.

Check out our other BLOGS that can give you more insight and info into all of our services and educational material.


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