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My goal which has eluded me the past 2 marathons was to run a sub 4 hr marathon. I ran 3:45... and the best part is I didn't take long to recover.

This tells me that training was spot on and that the goal to run a sub 3hr is more attainable than I ever thought.

Training was a 22 week plan that I started with the numbers you had given us. As the training progressed, I found that I ran easier at a quicker pace.

The end result was that I was fresh and ready to complete the task ahead.

having the numbers to use as a guide really did help.

K Wilson - Marathon Runner & Triathlete

Continued improvement!
Ran the Half Marathon yesterday.
Broke 2 hours for the first time since 2016!  First Place Male 55-59!
HR started to spike a little the last couple miles as heat/humidity really got tough.  Pushed at the end to hit 1:58. 

T Fons, Endurance Athlete / Runner


Bare Performance (Nick Bare)

We did a metabolic test that determined Nick's VO2 Max, VLA Max, and Lactate Threshold for his marathon training.  We got the results of the testing back within 48 hours. Alyson was kind, professional, and timely. All of the data that was provided was laid out in a very easy-to-understand manner. This data is incredibly useful for not only marathon runners, but for all athletes.


OR Chica

I have a very challenging race in August and decided to work with Optimize Performance to understand my baseline/starting point. Alyson was incredible and the process was easy. The process took a couple of hours but completely worth it. Now I know where I am and the things I need to focus on to be successful for my race. There is no guessing, the science proves it. Look forward to working with Alyson over the next few months to devise strategies that will improve my overall performance!


Garret Oakley, IM Athlete

I am training for IRONMAN and did a run test with her and the amount of knowledge that she has is unbelievable! To parallel her knowledge is how personable and attentive she is with you! I am someone who asks multiple questions all the time and she always has the right answer and spends time making sure I understand. In the couple of hours we spent together not only did I learn so much about strategy and preparation but I had immediate feedback on ways to enhance my training and in particular, after that session, running. Due to testing and corrections, I was able to sustain a quicker pace and shave over 20 seconds off my average mile for over 6 miles.  I know under her direction and tutelage my dreams to accomplish and complete an IRONMAN will become more and more a reality. Alyson is simply THE BEST!!

Fast-track your athletic performance and optimize your abilities with expert guidance.


Are you ready to beat your personal record? Do you know you can perform better athletically but don't know how to get there?


Are you ready to elevate your performance and deliver external greatness?


Make the decision to reach your full potential with Optimize Performance today!


Optimize Performance uses a superior testing technology that's dedicated to boosting your performance based on science. With this physical data processing program, you will find out your strengths and weaknesses so that you can reach your physical and mental fitness goals. The process is simple–measure your body activity, dissect the results with an expert team member,. and increase your actions in the focus areas in the Optimize Performance plan created for you. 


Optimize Performance can help you achieve the results you know you can attain. 

more data than ftp.png

100% Results

We help people optimize their performance based on scientifically proven testing and fitness coaching.

Let us help you accomplish your goals with a proven plan that WORKS! We have helped thousands of people reach their body and performance goals and we can help you do the same.

Workout Facility

Take the guess work out of training and reach your Optimized Performance today!

Our Methods
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Through in person or remote testing, we identify the composition of peak athletic performance and how each particular metabolic metric works; such as:


  • VO2max

  • VLamax

  • Anaerobic Threshold

  • Body Composition

  • Economy, Fat and Carb Combustion 

Optimize Performance will evaluate your personalized data to help you to create a training program tailored to improve your performance metrics:​

  • Fat Combustion

  • Carbohydrate sparing

  • Anaerobic Threshold (FTP Power)

  • Ability to recover from hard efforts

  • Sprint performance

Optimize Performance provides weekly coaching to evaluate your training and nutritional program implementation so you get the results that you want. 

Weekly accountability is key to improving and optimizing your athletic performance.

Optimize Performance will guide you through a step-by-step process from assessing internal data, providing expert analysis, and plans for Optimized performance through data analysis, consulting with your coach and nutritional guidance.  


What are your fitness goals?
Are you training for:
How many days a week do you train?
Are you working with a coach?
Do you feel you can perform better athletically?
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