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Love Optimize Performance! I highly recommend this company due to their extensive knowledge in health topics including nutrition, exercise progression, and how to tailor a program to meet my goals. With Alyson’s guidance, I was able to fine tune my nutrition to lose weight and then progress my strengthening and meet my goal of returning to running again! Her expertise in running analysis and injury prevention has given me the tools to return confidently to running!

S. Cherry ; Cyclist

Alyson is a true expert in exercise physiology. I was able to use her in person services for lactate testing during intervals and she gave me a full analysis of my threshold power, power zones, recovery times, and a multitude of other parameters to help guide my endurance training. Absolutely recommend for anyone who wants to better understand their physiology while training or just learn how to train better/smarter.

D. Cianci ; Runner

I got my metabolic testing done on 8/24/2022. I've been training a for a couple of half marathons that I'm running in the next few months. The goal was to determine my anaerobic and lactate thresholds, as well as my training zones. Alyson was very professional during the entire test and made sure all my questions were answered. She got back to me with the results within 48 hours and then we had a phone call in which she went through my results very thoroughly. I was very happy with the service provided and I recommend Alyson 100%


After years of playing competitive sports I wanted to pick up cycling! I didn’t know what my heart rate or wattage should be AND I started having aches and pains after riding so much! Alyson not only helped me tailor my mobility and strength to be a stronger cyclist, but we did the metabolic testing to make me so much more efficient for training! The Testing was so beneficial, now I’m able to actually ride knowing exactly what my training zones are!!!


Words cannot describe Coach Alyson! I am training for IRONMAN TULSA and did a run test with her yesterday and the amount of knowledge that she has is unbelievable! To parallel her knowledge is how personable and attentive she is with you! I am someone who asks multiple questions all the time and she always has the right answer and spends time making sure I understand. In the couple of hours we spent together not only did I learn so much about strategy and preparation but I had immediate feedback on ways to enhance my training and in particular, after that session, running. After spending time with her yesterday and adapting my knew set of knowledge in deficiencies I needed to fix in my run, todays hour run was amazing! Not only did my joints feel better on todays run due to corrections, but because of the corrections I was able to sustain a quicker pace and shave over 20 seconds off my average mile for over 6 miles. I absolutely look forward to more time with Alyson and I know under her direction and tutelage my dreams to accomplish and complete an IRONMAN will become more and more a reality. If coaching is what you are looking for, look no further! Alyson is simply THE BEST!!

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