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We wanted to provide you with answers to the top questions we get from individuals looking to get some metabolic testing done! If you have other questions, or want more information - reach out to :

"I'm a beginner, is this for me?"

Great question! Yes, we help beginners dial in their training zones based on pace, wattage and heart rate. As you begin running, it's important to build a great aerobic base, but if you are guessing at your zones, you will be over or under-training which will send you in the wrong direction. If you're able to run 3-5 miles, you're set to do the test! Even if you do a walk-jog program.

You watch will provide you with 'broad guesstimate' training zones and VO2. This will be inaccurate and can lead to under or over-training, setting you back in your training.


"Should I send my athletes for testing if I'm a coach?"

Absolutely! Our goal is to provide coaches with a tool that can help them program and specifically dial in how to help their athletes. We do not write training programs or coach athletes due to our partnerships with Teams & Coaches around the World.

Some coaches use basic models like FTP or 20 minute tests to identify a guesstimate for zones. This can provide some information, but it's not providing all of the crucial information that can best help your athlete. We are here to fill that gap and provide you with the athletes physiological profile to allow you to program more accurately and effectively.


"How can I get this done without traveling somewhere?"

Our Cycling & Running Protocol can be done from anywhere! You can do the testing over 1-3 days allowing your body to rest and do the other phases once your legs recover. 

*For running, all you need is GPS watch - you can do the testing at a local track or just from your front door!

*For Cycling, you need wattage. You can utilize Zwift as well. If you have a bike trainer with wattage, you can do the protocol on the trainer. You can also do the protocol outdoors if you have access to roads that don't require stopping or high elevation changes.


"What happens once I send my files / after the test?"

Once you perform the protocol remotely and send us the .fit file, or if you're in person doing the testing with us - we will run your data, create a full 360 degree performance profile and then set up a COMPLIMENTARY call with you (and your coach if you have one) to go over every aspect of the report and help you implement each part into your program, including caloric data to identify how many calories (carbs v fats) you're burning at each Zone.

Our goal is to help you in each aspect of your training by providing you with Gold-Standard testing to identify everything possible to assist in your progress.

Get in Touch

If you have other questions, or want more clarification, reach out!


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