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Cycling Performance Testing

Professional Physiological Performance Analysis

Experience your metabolic profile and train exactly what you need

Stop Guessing - Start Performing : In-Person OR Remote/Virtual

Testing yourself from anywhere you are with results from a professional lab - this opens up a whole new world in the field of performance diagnostics. You will know your metabolic profile and all you need is a powermeter or a smart trainer. You get all the information from a professional, expert analysis with an Exercise Physiologist, just without the need of drawing lactate samples.


Our Remote Testing option is cheaper, faster, accurate with no laboratory needed!


Your training will get more efficient no matter if you are a recreational or a pro cyclist!

What you will get out of the test:

  • Your Anaerobic Threshold (with an only ±2,2% deviation, which is hardly achieved by any laboratory test)

  • Your FatMax training range

  • Your Max Lactate Production Rate VLamax (glycolytic power)

  • Your VO2max (with a deviation of only ±2,5%)

  • Your Training Zones derived from each master parameter (not from a single metric)

  • Your optimum Interval & Work : Rest Ratio's

  • Your Fueling Strategies during training and competition (Carb v Fat and Total Caloric Expenditure)

  • Your Optimal Pacing during competition


  • Our testing will also cross validate VO2max - VLamax - Anaerobic Threshold, which makes the results even more robust.

  • We also take differences between females and males into account and body composition.

The test has been validated by thousands of tests with Pro Tour Teams, Peer Reviews and helped cyclists winning podiums and medals around the world.







And the best: do it at home!


This is the first test to to tell you how your performance is being composed, and how your training and competition strategies should be without leaving your environment. 


The only thing you need to do is download the protocol for free, conduct the test, upload your files, done. Let me do the rest and explain the results to you. You decide whether you do the test indoor or outdoor on your race/training bike.

Power Performance Decoding - this is what you need to do to know what's happening inside your body!


Purchase Remote/Virtual Test Here: 

Utilize Zwift or Your Bike Trainer/Computer (Wattage Required)

Ride the test in Watopia on Zwift.

In-Person Test * All the same data! We meet you for Blood Lactate Sampling

CONTACT for location : Houston & Surrounding Areas ; Austin & Surrounding Areas


More Information:

Optimize Performance and INSCYD bring professional performance analysis to your home


If you'd like to know your metabolic profile:

1. Download the protocol

2. Feel free to contact me to go through the procedure (recommended but not a must do)


3. Do the test


4. Save the data


5. Click here to make an appointment and to send me your files:

If you prefer a written only analysis instead of an online face to face chat, that's certainly no problem. Just let me know.

Cost & Value

Since testing time and materials are reduced to a minimum you can get the test results for unbeatable price. In relation to any comparable test that's the real deal! You also save time by doing it at home not having to drive to a lab with all your equipment. Just do the test instead of a hard training. With this single investment you'll get all the data mentioned above and if you want a 4-week-training program, a good structure to start from and split into different categories.


Included are the costs of analyzing the data by the INSCYD algorithm, the PDF with all your results, my analysis, and the online-meeting OR a full written explanation where I explain the results and how you can integrate them into your training.

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