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If you're training for the 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon - It is ABSOLUTELY important to dial in your Training Zones Accurately and learn how to FUEL properly to get you through your race!

INJURY PREVENTION, DIALING IN TRAINING ZONES, FINDING OUT HOW MANY GRAMS OF CARBS YOU NEED PER HOUR, CROSS TRAINING AND CONTINUED FUN!  Now is the perfect time to set your new foundation to go into a new season working on what might have been a nagging injury, areas that held you back, or wanting to work on things that you know you could improve going into your next race. 

$100 OFF!



Gain progress and massive improvements in your training goals, racing goals and overall ability to run and train injury free & efficient.  

From our Run Analysis & Injury Prevention Packages to Performance Testing for Cycling AND Running!


Best Part: NO LAB NEEDED! We do Testing & Run Analysis on the Track/Road where you do your training at.


Not wanting to schedule a time to drive somewhere or meet with us?? No Problem! We offer REMOTE TESTING & RUN ANALYSIS AS WELL! 

Discount Code: CHEVRON23 for $100 OFF All Services and bundle options available per request!


Reach out to!

CONTACT US to find the right package for you based on your goals, current fitness level and areas you want to improve! We have something for everyone, REGARDLESS of your fitness level!

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